Rental conditions


As a guest you are most welcome. We do hope you consider the other guests, the residents, the neighbours, the peace, nature and environment. And that you leave the gite tidy. As owners, we do not take responsibility for any form of loss, theft, accident, damage or injury caused to or by tenants.

Cancel / Early departure

If for whatever reason, the renter decides to cancel their reservation, he or she must inform us in writing. The working day on which we receive the written cancellation counts as the date from which any reimbursement will be calculated.

Cancellation prior to the rental period:

1. If the cancellation occurs 3 months prior to the rental period, we will give the amount of the deposit back to the tenant.

2. If the cancellation occurs between 3 and 2 months prior to the rental period, we will receive 25% (the down payment) of the rent.

3. If the cancellation occurs between 2 and 1 month prior to the rental period, we will receive 50% of the rent.

4. If the cancellation occurs 1 month prior to the rental period, the total rent will be due.

If the gite you booked is cancelled (points 2,3 and 4 above) but we are able to rent it out during the same period we will refund you the total amount.

5. If the tenant does not arrive without notice on the arrival date:

- The current contract is considered invalid from the next day – the rent remains in our hands – the relevant gite can be rented to others

In the case of early departure:

No reimbursement of the rent paid will take place.

We recommend having a good travel insurance. 


The main tenant is liable for damages caused by him/her, by fellow tenants. 

The deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks after deduction of any damage.